Trk u Šumu 21. – 24.06.2018.

4 days, over 30 artists, workshops, fair, forest cinema and more



Trk u šumu takes place in the undisturbed Platak narute park which is a part of  the so called „Grobnik alps“ mountain range. Platak’s mountain tops provide a truly magnificent view of Kvarner isles, the bay of Rijeka and Učka…..


Festival program

This year we have prepared a colorful palet of workshops, a variety of music genres and a lot of other treats. We will start the manifestation by getting to know each other through a joint jam session welcoming the solstice.



If you like what you see, you are ready to go! Save your money and get your ticket on time.  Pre-sale starts at 26th April and ends at 20th June. Tickets for this years Trk u šumu festival are limited…..


TUŠ 2018. Trk u Šumu is more than a festival. TUŠ represents a global revolution of celebrating life whose goal is to help public awareness to it’s urge to return to a more primal type of gathering in a wild and intact natural environment. We believe every man carries the same need for love, harmony or just being a part of a collective which is being pushed aside by todays modern lifestyle. While giving you the experiance of nature, music, smoke and fire, we aim to create a world within the world, a place that cures the wounds of reality!

The highest festival in South-East Europe

Organised on hights of over 1000m, Trk u Šumu is certainly the highest geathering of alternative scene and nature sports enthusiests in this region. The beautiful plains and forests that grace the festival site are sorrunded by even more stunning mountain tops and together they form a fairytale like scenery. If that is not enough, keep in mind that Platak is located just half an hour drive from the sea and the beautiful Kvarner beaches.

Wild nature

We are not alone! If you are lucky, while you are strolling trough one of Platak’s beautiful plains, you might encounter wild horses! These noble animals migrate to Platak from the base of Hahlić hill during the summer. Altough the horses are not aggresive keep in mind that they are still wild animals. Speaking of which, if you encounter a bear – beware! He probably just woke up so offer him some coffe, but be careful: he likes to drink it black „No milk, no sugar“.

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